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The purpose of the Program in Medieval Studies is to foster the interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study of the history, literature, languages, religion, philosophy, art, and archaeology of cultures across the globe from approximately the fourth through the fifteenth centuries C.E., by sponsoring activities such as seminars, conferences, symposia, and lectures, visiting scholars, and exchange and outreach programs, and by offering an undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies Concentration and Minor in Medieval Studies and a graduate Concentration in Medieval Studies. Participating Departments and Programs are, in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Classics, Comparative Literature, East Asian Languages and Cultures, English, French, Germanic Languages and Literatures, History, Philosophy, Religion, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese, and Speech Communications; in the College of Fine and Applied Arts, Architectural History, Art History, Landscape Architecture, and Music; and the Graduate School of Library and Information Science and University Library.

The Program aims above all to create a community of scholars and students sharing interests in these fields both within the University of Illinois and between the Program in Medieval Studies and other Medieval Studies programs and institutes around the world.

Charles D. Wright, Director

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Winter 2014 Newsletter

Winter 2012 Newsletter

Major or Minor in Medieval Studies!

A completely revised undergraduate Concentration (interdisciplinary Major) and new Minor in Medieval Studies are now available. The new curricula are global in scope, with introductory coursework in the medieval cultures of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East followed by an individual plan of study of advanced coursework allowing a student to focus on a particular area. Follow these links for descriptions of the Major and Minor with the requirements for each, and for a list of advanced courses that fulfill the "individual plan of study" hours.

Spring 2105 Medieval Courses brochure (Word document)

Pursuing Graduate Work in Medieval Studies at Illinois

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Recent Publications by Illinois Medievalist Graduate Students

Ann Hubert, "Preaching Rhetorical Invention: Poeta and Paul in the Digby Conversion of St. Paul," forthcoming in Early Theatre 18.1 (2015).

Scenes from A Saints' Play:

The Digby Conversion of St. Paul

As performed 12 April 2014

directed by Ann Hubert (follow title link for playbill and more pictures)

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The Medieval Globe

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A New Biannual Academic Journal

enquiries and submissions to Carol Symes, Executive Editor

Performing the Middle Ages

An initiative funded by the A. W. Mellon Foundation

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Some Recent Books by Illinois Medievalist Faculty

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Roman de la Rose

University of Illinois Rare Book & Manuscript Library Pre-1650 MS 81 (France, 13c), fol. 1r

(for complete digital facsimile follow title link)

Courtesy of Rare Book & Manuscript Library


Parable of the Prodigal Son (ca. 1215-25, France)
Courtesy of Krannert Art Museum

OUR MASTHEAD: The Program masthead includes three elements drawn from holdings in the University's Rare Book & Manuscript Library: the illuminated letter "M" (as well as the decorative borders) are from the Lyte Book of Hours (ca. 1390); the background is from an 8th-century Japanese block-printed scroll (containing the Buddhist prayer Hyakumantō Darani), overlaid with compass and maplines from a portolan chart of the Mediterranean (ca. 1552) by Bartolomé Olives. The ensemble is intended to evoke at a glance our new global configuration.

The left navigation bar features a Lohan (Rakan) figure, China, Ming Dynasty (courtesy of the
Spurlock Museum of World Cultures)

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