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Bibliographies and Handbooks:

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See also Kaske, Medieval Christian, pp. 80-90; N. Bériou in Berlioz, Identifier sources, pp. 201-210; B. M. Kienzle and D. L. d’Avray in Mantello & Rigg, Medieval Latin, pp. 659-69, and the separate bibliographies on The Bible and its Interpretation in the Middle Ages.

To keep up to date, consult recent issues of the Medieval Sermon Studies, as well as Medioevo Latino under the headings “Liturgica--Forme e Generi di Testo--Homeliaria Liturgica” and “Predicazione.”

The Sermon, ed. Beverly Mayne Kienzle, Typologie des sources, 81-83 (2000). 252 Se675 CLR. Covers the major medieval vernacular languages as well as Latin, with a cumulative bibliography for all chapters.

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Bibliographie de François Dolbeau


Medieval Sermon Studies (1977- ). 291.43090205 ME STX.


Patrologia Latina indices of sermons and homilies in vol. 221.

Hermann Josef Sieben, Kirchenväterhomilien zum Neuen Testament: Ein Repertorium der Textausgaben und Übersetzungen, mit einem Anhang der Kirchenväterkommentare, Instrumenta Patristica 22 (Steenbrugge, 1991). 281.1In7 v. 22 CLX. Lists patristic homilies by New Testament book and verse, with references to editions and translations.

Hubertus R. Drobner, Augustinus von Hippo: Sermones ad Populum: Überlieferung und Bestand Bibliographie - Indices (Leiden, 2000). 252.014 Au457d STX. Inventory of Augustine’s sermons by published series (from the Maurist edition reprinted by Migne to the Sermones Dolbeau) as well as by content (biblical book and liturgical feast); includes a “Themeindex” of biblical citations and names and things, and a comprehensive bibliography (includes translations and some pseudo-Augustinian sermons), and elaborate indices.

François Dolbeau, Augustin et la prédiction en Afrique. Recherches sur divers sermons authentiques, apocryphes ou anonymes, Collections des Études Augustiniennes, Série Antiquité 179 (Paris, 2005).

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Lidia Perria, I manoscritti citati da Albert Ehrhard: indice di A. Ehrhard, Überlieferung und Bestand der hagiographischen und homiletischen Literatur der griechischen Kirche, I-III, Leipzig-Berlin 1937-1952 (Rome, 1979). 270.3 P428M CLX, STX.

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Johann Baptist Schneyer, Wegweiser zu lateinischen Predigtreihen des Mittelalters (Munich, 1965). 252 SCH5W CLR. Alphabetical list of biblical ‘themes’ of sermons and initia from the 12th through16th centuries. See Kaske, p. 81.

Louis-Jacques Bataillon, “Compléments au Repertorium de Schneyer: I.,” Medieval Sermon Studies 44 (2000), 15-36.

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Thesaurus des sermons de Jacques de Voragine.

For incipits of sermons, in addition to the indices in the above repertories:

Répertoire d'incipit de sermons latins. Antiquité tardive et Moyen Age (Paris, 1987). 240 microfiche reproducing the card-files of the IRHT. 

In Principio: Index of Latin Texts (Brepols, 1997) (on-line version; also CDROM In7i v.5 CLR). Based on the materials at IRHT and HMML.

Germain Morin, Sancti Caesarii Arelatensis sermones, Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina 103-104. 281.1C817 v.103-104 STX. The alphabetical inventory includes many falsely attributed sermons.

Schneyer, Wegweiser, includes a bibliography of lists of initia of scholastic preachers and anonymous scholastic sermons, pp. 547-55.

For others, see Berlioz, Identifier sources et citations, pp. 204-7. 

Some recent collections:

Nicole Bériou and David L. D’Avray, Modern Questions about Medieval Sermons: Essays on Marriage, Death, History and Sanctity (Spoleto, 1994). 251.00902 B454m STX.

Laura Gaffuri and Riccardo Quinto, ed., Predicazione e società nel medioevo: riflessioni etica, valori e modelli di comportamento (Padova, 2002). 291.430902 M468p STX.

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Caroline Muessig, ed., Preacher, Sermon and Audience in the Middle Ages (Leiden, 2002). 251.00902 P92 STX.

For others search the LC subject headings  “Preaching—History—Middle Ages, 600-1500” and “Sermons—Latin.”

Some English translations:

The Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers, 4 vols., trans. M.F. Toal (Chicago, 1958-63). 226 T55P1964 STX.

The Works of Saint Augustine: A Translation for the 21st Century, trans. Edmund Hill, ed. John E. Rotelle (Brooklyn, 1990-97). 871 A59.Eh CLX. Includes the sermons: pt. 3, v. 1. Sermons on the Old Testament, 1-19 -- pt. 3, v. 2. Sermons on the Old Testament, 20-50 -- pt. 3, v. 3. Sermons on the New Testament, 51-94 -- pt. 3, v. 4. Sermons on the New Testament, 94A-147A -- pt. 3, v. 5. Sermons on the New Testament, 148-183 -- pt. 3, v. 6. Sermons on the liturgical seasons, 184-229 -- pt. 3, v. 7. Sermons on the liturgical seasons, 230-272B -- pt. 3, v. 8. Sermons on the saints, 273-305A -- pt. 3, v. 9. Sermons on the saints, 306-340A -- v. 10. Sermons on various subjects, 341-400 -- pt. 3, v. 18. Expositions of the Psalms, 73-98.

Gregory the Great. Forty Gospel Homilies, trans. David Hurst (Kalamazoo, 1990). 252.014 G862X:E STX.

Germain Morin, Sancti Caesarii Arelatensis sermones, Corpus Christianorum, Series Latina 103-104. 281.1C817 v.103-104 CLR. The alphabetical inventory includes many falsely attributed sermons. The extensive discussion of manuscripts catalogues many non-Caesarian homilies that circulated with the homilies of Caesarius.

Caesarius of Arles: Sermons, trans. Sister Mary Magdeleine Mueller, The Fathers of the Church, vols. 31, 47, 66 (Washington, DC, 1956-73). 281.1 F269 STX.

Sermons au peuple. Césaire d’Arles. Introd., traduction, et notes par Marie-José Delage, Sources chrétiennes 175 (Paris, 1971- ). 281.1 C11SFD STX.

Sermons sur l’écriture. Césaire d’Arles; texte critique par G. Morin; introduction, traduction et notes par Joël Courreau, Sources chrétiennes 447 (Paris, 2000). 281.1 C11SFD STX.

For others search the LC subject heading “Sermons, English—Translations from Latin.”

For homiliaries see:

Clavis Patrum Latinorum, pp. 652-54.

Réginald Grégoire, Homiliaires liturgiques médiévaux: Analyse des manuscrits (Spoleto, 1980). 264.6 G861H CLR. Inventories contents of the major homiliaries, including Paul the Deacon’s. Updated and expanded version of Grégoire’s Les homiliaires du Moyen Âge (Rome, 1966), which is still of value for the texts published in the appendices.

Réginald Grégoire, "Les homéliaires liturgiques des églises d'Orient," Parole de l'Orient 4 (1968), 37-53.

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Raymond Étaix, Homéliaires patristiques latins. Receuil d’études de manuscrits médiévaux (Paris, 1994). Not in UIL.

Omeliari in Scrittura beneventana.

For the pericope system see:

Stephan Beissel, Entstehung der Perikopen des römischen Messbuches: Zur Geschichte der Evangelienbücher in der ersten Hälfte des Mittelalters (Rome, 1907), with comparative tables at pp. 157-92 and an index of pericopes at 197-211.  264.02 B39E1967 CLR.

Gerhard Kunze, Die gottesdienstliche Schriftlesung, 1: Stand und Aufgaben der Pericopenforschung, Veroffentlichungen der evangelischen Gesellschaft für Liturgieforschung, 1 (Göttingen, 1947).

Hughes Olifant Old, The Reading and Preaching of the Scripturs in the Worship of the Church, vol. 1: The Patristic Age (New York, 1998); vol. 2: The Medieval Church (New York, 1999).

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G. Godu, “Epitres” and “Evangiles,” in Dictionnaire d’archéologie chrétienne et de liturgie 5/1, 345-344 and 852-923.


BIBLIEX: Bibliographie européenne des exempla.

RELEX: Ressources en ligne des exempla.

Thesaurus Exemplorum Medii Aevi. Allows searches by collection, “notebook” (published indices such as Aarne-Thompson, Tubach, etc.), Tubach number, word(s) of summary and keywords.

J.-Th. Welter, L’exemplum dans la littérature religieuse et didactique du moyen âge (Paris, 1927). 251 W46E STX.

*Frederic C. Tubach, Index exemplorum: A Handbook of Medieval Religious Tales, Folklore Fellows Communications 86, no. 204 (Helsinki, 1969). 398.06 FOL STX.

Jacques Berlioz et al., Les exempla médiévaux. Introduction à la recherche suivie des tables critiques de l’Index exemplorum de Frederic C. Tubach (Carcassonne, 1992).  Not in UIL.

Les Exempla médiévaux: Nouvelles perspectives, ed. Jacques Berlioz and Marie Anne Polo de Beaulieu (Paris, 1998). 809.02 Ex351 STX.

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Jean-Claude Schmitt, Prêcher d’exemples: récits de prédicateurs du Moyen Age (Paris, 1985). 840 P911 STX.

Some major medieval collections:

Thomas Frederick Crane, The Exempla, or Illustrative Stories from the Sermones Vulgares of Jacques de Vitry (London, 1890).  Online reproduction available at the gallica site.

Caesarius of Heisterbach, Dialogus miraculorum, ed. Joseph Strange.

Césaire de Heisterbach en Ligne.

The Dialogue on Miracles. Caesarius of Heisterbach (1220-1235), trans. H. von E. Scott and C. C. Swinton Bland, 2 vols. (London, 1929). 231.7 C11ES STX.

See also Kaske, Medieval Christian Literary Imagery, pp. 88-89; Berlioz, Identifier sources, pp. 211-22; Mantello and Rigg, Medieval Latin, pp. 582-88.

Preachers’ manuals:

Harry Caplan, Mediaeval artes praedicandi (New York, 1934). 879C81 CLX; with A Supplementary Handlist (New York, 1936).

Marianne G. Briscoe and Barbara H. Jaye, Artes praedicandi and Artes orandi, Typologie des sources 61 (Turnhout, 1992).

Some on-line resources:

International Medieval Sermon Studies Society  édition électronique d’un corpus de sermons latins médiévaux

Christoph Cluse, Bibliographischer Einstieg: Prediger und Predigten (12.-15. Jh.).

A Bibliographical Register of the Sermons & Other Orations Delivered at the Council of Constance (1414-1418).

John M. Howe, Sermons.

A Reportorium of Middle English Prose Sermons.

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