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Medieval & Modern Manuscript Catalogues


I. Medieval Library Catalogues and Book Inventories; II. Modern Manuscript Catalogues.

See also the separate bibliographies on Manuscript Research: Identifying Texts and Locating Secondary Literature and Medieval Manuscripts in Microform and Facsimile

I. Medieval Library Catalogues and Book Inventories

General Guides and Bibliographies:

Albert Derolez, Les catalogues de bibliothèques, Typologie des sources du moyen âge occidental 31 (Turnhout, 1979). 025.31D447c CLR (shelved as a series below Corpus Christianorum).

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Theodor Gottlieb, Über mittelalterliche Bibliotheken (Leipzig, 1890). 027.24G686U STX. Still the most comprehensive listing of medieval library catalogues and inventories. Supplemented by Gabriel Meier in Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen 20 (1903), 16-32.

André Vernet, “Etudes et travaux sur les bibliothèques médiévales, 1937-1947,” Revue d’histoire de l’église de France 34 (1948), 63-94; rpt. in his Etudes médiévales (Paris, 1981), pp. 457-88. 809.02 V595E STX.

Stage d’initiation au manuscrit médiéval de l’Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes (CNRS, 2000). Available as a .pdf file.

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RICABIM: Repertorio di inventari, di cataloghi e di liste di manoscritti appartenuti a biblioteche medievali (Occidente latino, secoli VIII-XV). In progress.

Serial bibliographies:

Bibliographie der Buch- und Bibliotheksgeschichte. 016.070509 B471 Lib Sci. See the section “Bibliotheken.”

Bulletin d’histoire bénédictine. A.271.1B874 HIX. See the section “Histoire des monastères” for listings under names of specific monasteries.

International Medieval Bibliography.

Medioevo Latino (1980- ). 016.9401 M469 CLR. See the section “Bibliotheche Medievali.” The online database is even better: Mirabile: Manoscritti.

Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique (1900- ). 270 R328 STX. See section 2A of the bibliography (from 1974).

Scriptorium (1946/47- ). 091.05 SC STX. See the index to the annual “Bulletin codicologique,” s.v. “Catalogues.” The on-line version can be searched for particular manuscripts.


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On medieval library classification:

Alain Besson, Medieval Classification & Cataloguing: Classification Practices and Cataloguing Methods in France from the 12th. th 15th. Centuries (Caldecote, Biggleswade, Beds., 1980). 027.4409015B464m Lib Sci. Includes sections on “Classification schemes,” “Catalogues and cataloguing methods,” and “Location devices.”

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Roger Chartier, The Order of Books: Readers, Authors, and Libraries in Europe between the Fourteenth and Eighteenth Centuries, trans. L. G. Cochrane (Stanford, 1994). 025.3094 C385O:E Lib Sci. An influential study, but the focus is almost entirely post-medieval.

Donatella Nebbiai-Dalla Guarda, “Classifcations et classements,” in Histoire des bibliothèques françaises: Les biblothèques médiévales du VIe siècle - 1530, ed. André Vernet (Paris, 1988), pp. 373-93. Q.027.044H629 v.1 MDR.

D. M. Norris, A History of Cataloguing and Cataloguing Methods, 1100-1850 (London, 1939). 025.3N8541969 Lib Sci. Outlines classification schemes of various medieval libraries, mainly British.

On the vocabulary of medieval catalogues and inventories, see Jacques Morin, “Le catalogue et l’inventaire (Résumé),” and Jean-Françoise Genest, “Le mobilier des bibliothèques d’aprés les inventaires médiévaux,” both in Vocabulaire du livre et de l’écriture au moyen âge, ed. Olga Weijers (Turnhout, 1989), pp. 135-54. 409.40902V851 STX; see also Norris, A History of Cataloguing, pp. 229ff. for a glossary of Latin terms frequently encountered in medieval catalogues.

On medieval libraries:

Pecia Editions, Les bibliothèques médiévales, Bibliographie.

Karl Christ, The Handbook of Medieval Library History, trans. T. M. Otto (Metuchen, NJ, 1984). 02700902C461h Lib Sci. From the revision by Anton Kern of Christ’s contribution to the Handbuch der Bibliothekswissenschaft, 2nd ed. (Wiesbaden, 1950-1965), III: Geschichte der Bibliotheken, 5: Das Mittelalter. The most comprehensive survey.

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Some older but still valuable studies:

M. R. James, The Wanderings and Homes of Manuscripts, Helps for Students of History, 17 (London, 1919). A classic.

James Westfall Thompson, The Medieval Library (1939; rep. with a supplement by B. B. Boyer, New York, 1967). 027.23 T473M Lib Sci, STX.

Major editions of medieval library catalogues, reconstructions of medieval library holdings, and surveys of medieval scriptoria:

Gustav Becker, Catalogi bibliothecarum antiqui (Bonn, 1885). Still the most comprehensive collection. 016.4175 B38C CLR.

Maximilianus Manitius, Handschriften antiker autoren in mittelalterlichen Bibliothekskatalogen (Leipzig, 1935). A.091M31H CLX. See also J. S. Beddie, “The Ancient Classics in Medieval Libraries,” Speculum 5 (1930), 3-20; Savage, Old English Libraries, pp. 258-76; R. A. B. Mynors, “The Latin Classics Known to Boston of Bury,” in Fritz Saxl, A Volume of Memorial Essays, ed. D. J. Gordon (1957), 704 G65F STX, and the works by Birger Munk Olsen listed in the separate bibliography on Classical Literature in the Middle Ages.

Mittelalterliche Schatzverzeichnisse 1: Von der Zeit Karls des Großen bis zur Mitte des 13. Jahrhunderts (Munich, 1967). 016.091 M92M STX. For inventories of property , which often include references to books.

For a broad study of regional scriptoria in the early Middle Ages, see Bernhard Bischoff, “Manuscripts in the Age of Charlemagne,” in Manuscripts and Libraries in the Age of Charlemagne, trans. Gorman, pp. 20-55. For a brief bibliography of regional and Carolingian scriptoria, see Rosamond McKitterick, “Script and Book Production,” in Carolingian Culture: Emulation and Innovation, ed. McKitterick (Cambridge, 1991), pp. 221-47, at 245-7. 944.014 C221 HIX. For a bibliography of scriptoria in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, see M.-C. Garand, “Manuscrits monastiques et scriptoria aux XIe et XIIe siècles,” Codicologica 3 (1980), 9-33, at 29-33. Q.091C648 v.3 STX. For more specialized studies devoted to particular scriptoria or regions, see Boyle, Medieval Latin Palaeography, index, s.v. “scriptoria,” and the section “Bibliotheche Medievali” in Medioevo Latino.

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland:

Mittelalterliche Bibliothekskataloge Deutschlands und der Schweiz (Munich, 1918- ). Q. A.091AK1M CLR.

Sigrid Krämer, Handschriftenerbe der deutschen Mittelalters, 3 vols., Mittelalterliche Bibliothekskataloge Deutschlands und der Schweiz, Ergänzungsband (Munich, 1989). 016.091AK1mi 1989 CLR. Inventory of surviving manuscripts that can be assigned to a particular library.

Sigrid Krämer, Bibliothecae codicum medii aevi: Datenbank mittelalterlicher Bibliotheken und ihrer Handschriften in Deutschland und anderen Ländern Europas (2010). Requires license; UIL not subscribed.

Mittelalterliche Bibliothekskataloge Österreichs, 5 vols. (Vienna, 1915-71). 017.1436W63M STX. 017.1436 W63M STX. Vol. 1: Niederösterreich.

Albert Bruckner, Scriptoria Medii Aevi Helvetica: Denkmäler Schweizerischer Schreibkunst des Mittelalters, 14 vols. (Geneva, 1935-78). Q. 471.75 SCR35 CLX.

Johannes Duft, “Die Handschriften-Katalogisierung in der Stiftsbibliothek St Gallen von 9. bis zum 19. Jahrhundert, in Die Handschriften der Stiftsbibliothek St Gallen, ed. B. M. von Scarpatetti (St Gall, 1983), pp. 9*-99*. 011.31094947 ST52H STX.

Bernhard Bischoff, Die südostdeutschen Schreibschulen und Bibliotheken der Karolingerzeit. I: Die bayerischen Diözesen, 3rd ed. (Wiesbaden, 1974); II: Die vorwiegend Österreichischen Diözesen (Wiesbaden, 1980). 431.7 B54S1960 STX.

Bibliotheca Laureshamensis - digital: Virtual Monastic Library of Lorsch.

The Low Countries:

Albert Derolez, Corpus catalogorum Belgii. The Medieval Booklists of the Southern Low Countries, I. Province of West Flanders, 2nd ed. (Brussels, 1997). 068VLA no. 59-61 STX; II. Provinces of Lièges, Luxemburg and Namur (1994); III. Provinces of East Flanders, Antwerp and Limburg (1999); IV. Provinces of Brabant and Hainault (2001).

R. L. Plancke, “Middeleeuwse inventarissen van Belgische kloosterbibliotheken,” De Gulden Passer 26 (1948), 237-52; “Middeleeuwse handschrifteninvenarissen,” De Gulden Passer 27 (1949), 24-35. 010.5GU STX. Lists manuscripts and editions.

Guy Zelis (intro.), “Medieval Libraries of Belgium: A List of Surviving Manuscripts,” Scriptorium 26 (1972), 348-57; 27 (1973), 102-109. 091.05 SC STX.

Contributions à l’histoire des bibliothèques et de la lecture aux Pays-Bas avant 1600, Archives et Bibliothèques de Belgique, numéro special 11 (Brussels, 1974). 027.2493A675 no. 11 STX.

Bibliotheca Neerlanda Manuscripta.

Bizon: Bibliografisch Zoekprogramma Nederlandse Letterkunde: Handschriften.

France and Languedoc

A.-M. Genevois et al., Bibliothèques de manuscrits médiévaux en France. Relevé des inventaires du VIIIe au XVIIIe siècle (Paris, 1987). 016.0910944B471 STX. Exhaustive and well-indexed listing of surviving catalogues and inventories. A corpus of French library catalogues is in preparation, under the direction of A. Vernet.

Léopold Deslisle, Le cabinet des manuscrits de la Bibliothèque impériale (nationale), 3 vols. (Paris, 1868-1881). Q.A.944.3D37C CLR.

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Marco Mostert, The Library of Fleury: A Provisional List of Manuscripts (Hilversum, 1989). 016.091 M855L HIX.

Geneviève Nortier, Les bibliothèques médiévales des abbayes bénédictines de normandie. Fecamp, Le Bec, Le Mont Saint-Michel, Saint-Évroul, Lyre, Jumièges, Saint-Wandrille, Saint-Ouen, 2nd ed. (Paris, 1971). 027.244N82b1971.

Henri Omont, Anciens inventaires et catalogues de la Bibliothèque Nationale, 4 vols. (Paris, 1908-1913).

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Gilbert Ouy, ed., Les manuscrits de l’abbaye de Saint-Victor: Catalogue établi sur la base du répertoire de Claude de Grandrue (1514), 1: Introduction--concordances--index; 2: Texte (Turnhout, 1999).

Livres et bibliothèques (XIIIe-XVe siècle), Cahiers de Fanjeaux, 31. 027.04480902 L767 STX. Includes essays by J.-L. Lemaitre, D. Nebbiai-Dalla Guarda, and J. Verger on the catalogues and libraries of Languedoc, Provence, and Midi.

Great Britain and Ireland:

A. J. Piper, “Cataloguing British Collections of Medieval Western Manuscripts, 1895-1995," in The Legacy of M. R.James, ed. L. Dennison (Donnington, Lincs, 2001), pp. 53-64. Not in UIL.

Michael Lapidge, “Surviving Booklists from Anglo-Saxon England,” in Learning and Literature in Anglo-Saxon England: Studies Presented to Peter Clemoes, ed. Lapidge and Helmut Gneuss (Cambridge, 1985), pp. 33-90. 829.09 L479 EGR (reserve). 027.0420902 G533B Lib Sci; rep. with Postscript in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts: Basic Readings, ed. Mary P. Richards (New York, 1994), pp. 87-167.

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David Dumville, “English Libraries Before 1066: Use and Abuse of the Manuscript Evidence,” in Insular Latin Studies, ed. Michael W. Herren (Toronto, 1981), pp. 153-78; rep. in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts, ed. Richards, pp. 169-219. Includes a list of surviving manuscripts (based on Gneuss) that have been attributed to a particular center.

Corpus of British Medieval Library Catalogues (London, 1990- ). Volumes to date: 1. The Friars’ Libraries, ed. K. W. Humphreys (1990), 011.31 F91 HIX; 2. Registrum Anglie de libris doctorum et auctorum ueterum (1991), ed. R. A. B. Mynors, R. H. Rouse and M. A. Rouse (1991), 011.310941 R263 HIX; 3. The Libraries of the Cistercians, Gilbertines and Premonstratensians, ed. David N. Bell (1992) 011.31 L616 HIX; 4. English Benedictine Libraries. The Shorter Catalogues, ed. Richard Sharpe et al. (1996) 011.31 EN36 HIX; 5. Dover Priory, ed. William P. Stoneman (1999), 011.31 D751 CLR; 6. The Libraries of the Augustinian Canons, ed. T. Webber and A. G. Watson, 011.31 L6161 CLR; 7. The Libraries of Henry VIII, ed. J. P. Carley (2000), 027.14209031 L616 STX; 9. Syon Abbey, ed. Vincent Gillespie 011.0924 Sy78 STX; 10. The University and College Libraries of Cambridge, ed. Peter D. Clarke, 011.0092 Un387 LibSci; 11. Henry of Kirkestede, Catalogus de libris autenticis et apocrifis, 011.31 H396c CLR. See also the List of Identifications available from Richard Sharpe’s website.

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Louis Gougaud, “The Remains of Ancient Irish Monastic Libraries,” in Féilsgribhinn Eóin Mhic Neill. Essays and Studies presented to Professor Eoin MacNeill (Dublin, 1940), pp. 319-34.


See Nebbiai-Dalla Guarda, I documenti, p. 18.


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Scandinavia: (references supplied by Thomas N. Hall)

Emil Olmer, Boksamlingar på Island 1179-1490: Enligt diplom, Göteborgs Högskolas Årsskrift 8 (Göteborg, 1902). Material collected from Diplomatarium Islandicum. Íslenzkt fornbréfasafn, 16 vols. (Copenhagen and Reykjavík, 1857-1972). Not in UIL.

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II. Modern Manuscript Catalogues

[Note: Most print catalogues of Latin manuscripts in UIL have been moved to Stacks Reference.]

Paul O. Kristeller, Latin Manuscript Books before 1600: A List of the Printed Catalogues and Unpublished Inventories of Extant Collections, 4th ed. by Sigrid Krämer, MGH Hilfsmittel 13 (Munich, 1993). 016.47175 K89l 1992 EGR, CLR.  With an Ergänzungsband 2007, 016.47175 K89l1993sup. CLR. Exhaustive coverage. The on-line version is searchable. Divided into sections: A: Bibliography and Statistics of Libraries and Their Collections of Manuscripts; B: Works Describing Manuscripts of More than One City or Groups of Libraries; C: Printed Catalogues and Handwritten Inventories of Individual Libraries, by City; D: Directories and Guides to Libraries and Archives. Many unpublished inventories listed here can be consulted in the following microfilm corpus:

F. E. Cranz, A Microform Corpus of Unpublished Inventories of Latin Manuscripts Before 1600 A. D. (New London, 1988). 016.47175 C852MI1988 RBR.

F. E. Cranz, A Microform Corpus of the Indexes to Printed Catalogues of Latin Manuscripts Before 1600 A. D. (New London, 1982). FILM 016.47175 C852M RBR. Handschriftenkataloge und -verzeichnisse.

For online catalogues see:

Consulting Medieval Manuscripts Online.

Online catalogues of medieval manuscripts.

Catalogues of manuscripts from individual collections (by country).

Among the catalogues that have appeared since the publication of Kristeller-Krämer, special mention should be made of the following:

Arno Mentzel-Reuters, ed., Handschriftenarchiv Bernhard Bischoff, MGH Hilfsmittel 16 (Munich, 1997). Microfiche reproduction of Bischoff’s handwritten notes on medieval manuscripts. MFICHE 011.31 H1922 HIR.

Tilo Brandis and Ingo Nöther, Handbuch der Handschriftenbestände in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 1: Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Berlin (West), Bremen, Hamburg, Hessen, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Schleswig-Holstein (Wiesbaden, 1992). 027.002543 H191 LibSci Ref.

Handschriftencensus Rheinland: Erfassung mittelalterlicher Handschriften im rheinischen Landesteil von Nordrhein-Westfalen mit einem Inventar, 3 vols., ed. Gunter Gattermann and Heinz Finger, et al. Schriften der Universitats- und Landesbibliothek Dusseldorf 18 (Wiesbaden,1993). 016.091H1922 RBR.

Gesamtindex mittelalterlicher Handschriftenkataloge. Kumulation der Register der seit 1945 in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland erschienenen Handschriftenkataloge, 2nd ed. (2000). Not in UIL.

For supplemental bibliography, see:

Bibliographie pour la description de manuscrit (IRHT).

François Dolbeau and Pierre Petitmengin, Indices Librorum: Catalogues anciens et modernes de manuscrits médiévaux en écriture latine, 2 vols. Bibliothèque de l’École Normale Supérieure, Guides et inventaires bibliographiques 3 (Paris, 1987-1995). See the sections "Collections actuelles" and "Collections dispersés." Includes indices of authors, owners and collectors, and places, as well as a chronological index of medieval inventories. 011.31 D686i STX Ref.

Arno Mentzel-Reuters, “Literaturbericht Handschriftenkataloge,” Deutsches Archiv für Erforschung des Mittelalters 51 (1995), 169-94; 53 (1997), 179-203; 54 (1999), 583-611. 943.02 D489 STX. Surveys recently published catalogues. Now on-line with links.

Bibliographie der Buch- und Bibliotheksgeschichte. 016.070509 B471 Lib Sci. See the section “Handschriftenkunde und -katalogisierung.”.

Leonard Boyle, Medieval Latin Palaeography, pp. 219-32.

Marcel Richard, Répertoire des bibliothèques et des catalogues de manuscrits grecs, 3rd ed. (Turnhout, 1995). 016.88 R385R1995.

Robert E. Sinckewicz, Greek Index Project Series: A Master Index of Greek Manuscripts, from Homer to A.D. 1600.

For incunables (printed as a rule from manuscript sources, often now lost) see:

Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke.

Incunabula Short-Title Catalogue (British Library).

Bodleian Incunable Catalogue.

Catalogue of the Incunabula of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

vdIb: Verteilte Digitale Inkunabelbibliothek. Allows searching of a large number of incunables.

Serial bibliographies:

Scriptorium. 091.05 SC STX. See the Bulletin Codicologique.

Medioevo Latino. See the section “Cataloghi di manoscritti.”

Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique. 270 R328.

Bibliographie der Buch- und Bibliotheksgeschichte. 016.070509 B471 Lib Sci. See the section “Handschriftenkunde und -katalogisierung.”

Catalogues of Dated and Datable Manuscripts:

See Jacques Lemaire, Introduction à la codicologie (Louvain-la-Neuve, 1989), pp. 227-29. 002.0902 L54i STX.


Catalogues de manuscrits datés.

C. Samaran and R. Marichal, Catalogue des manuscrits en écriture latine portant des indications de date, de lieu ou de copiste (Paris, 1959- ). Q. 016.091 SA4C CLR. Online Index général interactif.

Albert Dérolez, “The Publications Sponsored by the Comité International de Paléographie Latine” <>.

Les Manuscrits datés: premier bilan et perspectives (Neuchâtel 1983), ed. Geneviève Grand et al. (Paris, 1985). 025.3412 M319 STX.


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1. Die datierten Handschriften der österreichischen Nationalbibliothek bis zum Jahre 1400 (2 v.); 2. 1401 bis 1450. (2 v.); 3. 1451 bis 1500 (2 v.); 4. 1501 bis 1600 (2 v.); 5. Die datierten Handschriften in Wien ausserhalb der österreichischen Nationalbibliothek bis zum Jahre 1600 (2 v.); 6. Die datierten Handschriften der Universitätsbibliothek Graz bis zum Jahre 1600 (2 v.); 8. Datierte Handschriften in niederösterreichischen Archiven und Bibliotheken bis zum Jahre 1600 (2 v.).
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Catalogue des manuscrits en écriture latine portant des indications de date, de lieu ou de copiste, 7 vols., ed Charles Samaran et al. (Paris 1959-1984). Q. 016.091 SA4C STX Ref. 1. Musée Condé et bibliothèques parisiennes; 2. Bibliothèque nationale, fonds latin (nos l a`8000); 3. Bibliothèque nationale, fonds latin (Nos 8001 à 18613); 4/1. Bibliothèque nationale, fonds latin (supplément), Nouvelles acquisitions latines, petits fonds divers; 5. Est de la France; 6. Bourgogne, Centre, Sud-Est et Sud-Ouest de la France; 7. Ouest de la France et pays de Loire. See the Index général interactif.

Manuscrits datés des bibliothèques de France (Paris, 2000- ). 091.0944 M319 STX.
1. Cambrai -- 2. Laon, Soissons, Saint-Quentin.


Datierte Handschriften in Bibliotheken der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 4 vols. to date, gen. ed. J. Autenrieth (Stuttgart 1984- ). 1. Die datierten Handschriften der Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main Q. 015.43031 St12d STX; 2. Die datierten Handschriften der Universitätsbibliothek und anderer öffentlicher Sammlungen in Freiburg im Breisgau und Umgebung Q. 015.43031 H122d STX; 3. Die datierten Handschriften der Württembergischen Landesbibliothek Stuttgart Q. 015.43031 W965d STX; 4. Die datierten Handschriften der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München. Q. 015.43031 D262s STX; 5. Die datierten Handschriften der Universitätsbibliothek Würzburg. Q. 015.43031 D2625 Oak Street.


Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c. 700-1600 in the Department of Manuscripts, The British Library, 2 vols., ed. A. G. Watson (London, 1979). Q. 011.31 W33C STX Ref.

The British Library’s Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts permits searching by script and place of origin; the advanced search option allows you to specify the date range or provenance, and also to limit the search to dated/datable manuscripts.
The BL Digitised Manuscripts page has a sliding scale that allows you to specify a date range and get a list of all digitized mss. within that range. The advanced options allow you to specify provenance.

Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c. 435-1600 in Oxford Libraries, 2 vols., ed. A. G. Watson (Oxford, 1984). Q. 011.31 W33ca STX Ref.

Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c. 737-1600 in Cambridge Libraries, ed. P. R. Robinson (Cambridge, 1988). Q. 011.31 R565c RBR.


Catalogo dei manoscritti in scrittura latina datati o databili (Turin 1971; 1982). Q. 016.47175 C28 STX Ref. 1. Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma; [pt. 1]: testo, [pt. 2]: tavole. 2 v.--2. Biblioteca Angelica di Roma; [pt. 1]: testo, [pt. 2]: tavole. 2 v.--3. Biblioteca di perugia; [pt. 1]: testo, [pt. 2]: tavole. 2 v.

Manoscritte datati d’Italia.


Manuscrits datés conservés dans les Pays-Bas: catalogue paléographique des manuscrits en écriture latine portant des indications de date, vol. 1 ed. G. I. Lieftinck (Amsterdam 1964) and vol. 2 ed. J. P. Gumbert (Amsterdam, 1988). 016.48175 L62M STX Ref.


Katalog der datierten Handschriften in lateinischer Schrift vor 1600 in Schweden, 2 vols., ed. M. Hedlund (Stockholm, 1977-1980). 016.091 K155 Oak Street.
1. Die Handschriften der Universitätsbibliothek Uppsala: 1. Text. 2. Tafeln.


Katalog der datierten Handschriften in der Schweiz in lateinischer Schrift vom Anfang des Mittelalters bis 1500, 3 vols., ed. B. M. von Scarpatetti et al. (Dietikon-Zürich, 1977-1991). Q. 011.31 K156 STX.
1. Die Handschriften der Bibliotheken von Aarau, Appenzell und Basel; 2. Die Handschriften der Bibliotheken Bern – Porrentruy.USA
Digital Scriptorium <>. Click on the "Dated?" button in the search form at the Part level.


Digital Scriptorium. Click on the "Dated?" button in the search form at the Part level.


Codici latini datati della Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana nei fondi Archivio S. Pietro, Barberini, Boncompagni, Borghese, Borgia, Capponi, Chigi, Ferrajoli, Ottoboni, under the direction of J. Ruysschaert, ed. A. Marucchi with the collaboration of A. C. de la Mare (Vatican City, 1997). Not in UIL.

Some Union Catalogues:

By Date:

E. A. Lowe, Codices Latini Antiquiores: A Palaeographical Guide to Latin Manuscripts prior to the Ninth Century (Oxford, 1934-1972). F. 471.75 C648 CLR (Shelved in Room 404). 1. The Vatican City; 2. Great Britain and Ireland (1935; rev. ed. 1972); 3. Italy: Ancona-Novara; 4. Italy: Perugia-Verona; 5. France: Paris; 6. France: Abbeville-Valenciennes; 7. Switzerland; 8. Germany: Altenburg-Leipzig; 9. Germany: Maria Laach-Würzburg; 10. Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Egypt, and Holland; 11. Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, The United States, and Yugoslavia; 12. Supplement.

Bernhard Bischoff, Katalog der festländischen Handschriften des neunten Jahrhunderts (mit Ausnahme der wisigotischen) (Wiesbaden, 1998-2004). 015 B541k STX Ref. 1. Aachen-Lambach; 2. Laon-Paderborn; 3. Forthcoming.

By Nation or Region (for online catalogues of specific libraries, see below):


Manuscriptorium. Database of manuscripts in Czechoslovakia, together with some material from Polish and Turkish libraries.


Catalogue collectif de France. Select "Manuscrits," then choose the library (in the pull-down menu "Toutes les villes" and then the library (in the menu "Toutes les institutions"), and then fill in the shelfmark under "Cote."

Bibliothèque nationale de la France, Catalogue général. Select "Recherches simples" and "par cote," then under "Localisations" select "Manuscrits" and then fill in the shelfmark "Cote." Or for Latin and Nouvelles acquisitions latines manuscripts you can also browse by shelfmark.

Calames: Online Catalogues of Archives and Manuscripts in French University and Research Libraries.

Manuscrits médiévaux des monastères et chapitres vosgiens. Catalogues et inventaires.


Handschriftenkataloge (Manuscripta mediaevalia). Digitized corpus of manuscript catalogues in the following German libraries: Aachen; Ansbach; Aschaffenburg; Augsburg; Aurich; Bamberg; Berlin; Biberach; Darmstadt; Dessau; Dresden; Düsseldorf; Ebstorf; Eichstätt; Emden; Erlangen; Frankfurt; Freiburg; Fritzlar; Fulda; Bad Gandersheim; Gießen; Göttingen; Gotha; Halle; Hamburg; Hannover; Heidelberg; Hildesheim; Jena; Karlsruhe; Kassel; Koblenz; Köln; Leipzig; Lüneburg; Mainz; Marburg; München; Münster; Nürnberg; Oldenberg; Osnabrück; Ottobeuren; Schwabach; Soest; Stuttgart; Trier; Tübingen; Überlingen; Bad Windsheim; Wittenberg; Wolfenbüttel; Würzburg; Zwickau.


N. R. Ker, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries (Oxford, 1969-2002). v. 1. London.--v. 2. Abbotsford-Keele.--v. 3. Lampeter-Oxford.--v. 4. Paisley-York--v.5 Indexes and Addenda, ed. C. Cunningham and A. G. Watson. 016.091 K45M CLR, HIR. The indices include Authors, Subjects, and Titles; Names; Bibles; Liturgy; Iconography; Languages Other Than Latin; Origins and Dates; Secundo Folios; Incipits; Repertories Cited; Manuscripts Cited.

Seymour de Ricci Bibliotheca Britannica Manuscripta Digitized Archive:"searchable database containing the digitized notes of the historian and bibliographer Seymour Montefiore Robert Rosso de Ricci (1881-1942) made for the compilation of his unfinished Bibliotheca Britannica Manuscripta."

Helmut Gneuss, Handlist of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts: A List of Manuscripts and Manuscript Fragments Written or Owned in England up to 1100 (Tempe, 2004). 011.31 G533h EGX.

N. R. Ker, Catalogue of Manuscripts Containing Anglo-Saxon, 2nd ed. with supplement (Oxford, 1990). 016.829 K45C1990 EGR.

The Old English Manuscripts Database.

Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile, ed. A. N. Doane and P. Pulsiano (Binghamton, 1994- ). MFICHE 829.08 AN46 EGR. Libraries Participating in the Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Facsimile Project.

Simon Keynes, Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts and Other Items of Related Interest in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, OEN Subsidia 18 (Binghamton, 1992). Q. 429.05 OLSUP EGX.

N. R. Ker, English Manuscripts in the Century after the Norman Conquest (Oxford, 1960). Q. 421.7 K45E STX.

Richard Gameson, The Manuscripts of Early Norman England (c. 1066-1130) (Oxford, 1999). Q. 011.31 G145m RBR.

Anne Lawrence-Mathers, Manuscripts in Northumbria in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries (Woodbridge, 2003). 942.8018 L435m ARX.


Manus: censimento dei manoscritti delle biblioteche italiane.

Codex: Inventario dei manoscritti medievali della Toscana.

Biblioteca Casanatense, Rome.

Nuova Biblioteca Manoscritta: Catalogo dei manoscritti delle biblioteche del Veneto.

SWITZERLAND Antike und mittelalterliche Handschriften in der Schweiz. For a list of catalogues by library see Mittelalterliche Handschriftenbestände: Handschriftenkataloge und andere Findmittel. Online guide to medieval manuscripts in Wallonia - Brussels.


National Union Catalogue of Manuscript Collections.


Deutsche Texte des Mittelalters: Handschriftenarchiv.

Handschriftencensus: Eine Bestandsaufnahme deutschsprachiger Handschriften des Mittelalters.

Manuscripts of Medieval France with VernacularTexts.

Barbara Frank and Jörg Hartmann, Inventaire systématique des prémiers documents des langues romanes (Tübingen, 1997).

Some Online Library Catalogues and Digitized Collections:

Hill Monastic Manuscripts Library.

Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes.

Cambridge, Trinity College Library.

Cambridge, St. John’s College Library.

Cesena, Biblioteca Malatestiana

e-codices: Virtuelle Handbibliothek der Schweiz. The descriptions of facsimiled manuscripts in Swiss libraries usually include catalogue descriptions or links to descriptions.

Cologne, Diözesan- und Dombibliothek.

Copenhagen, Det Kongelige Bibliothek.

Nova Corbeia. Die virtuelle Bibliothek Corvey.

Durham University Library.

Graz, Universitätsbibliothek.

Heidelberg, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität.

Houghton Library, Harvard University.

Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek.

Leiden, Rijksuniversiteit Bibliotheek (1716).

London, British Library. Search the Index by name or index entry, or the manuscript Descriptions (allows boolean searches), or locate the description of a specific manuscript.

London, British Library: Cotton Manuscripts.

Lund University, St. Laurentius Digital Manuscript Library.

Lyon, Bibliothèque Municipale.

Merseburg, Domstiftsbibliothek.

Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

Biblioteca Nonantolana Virtual

Oxford, Bodleian Library; see also the digitized collection of Early Manuscripts at Oxford University. Also see the online Finding Aids - Papyri, Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library.

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de la France

Paris, BnF, Département des Manuscrits. Inventaire des Instruments de Recherche: Manuscrits Occidentaux. ProQuest microfiche set of published and unpublished catalogues. Not in UIL.

Salzburg, Die Handschriften des Mittelalters der Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg: Handschriftenkatalog online.

Sankt Gallen: Codices Electronici Sangallensis.

Sankt Paul im Lavanttal, Stiftsbibliothek.

University of Toronto, Fischer Rare Book Library.

Utrecht University Library.

Valenciennes, Bibliothèque Municipale.

Vienna, Austrian National Library.

Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek

Würzburg, Universitätsbibliothek: Virtuelle Bibliothek Würzburg: Libri Sancti Kyliani.

Gateways to Digitized Manuscript Collections:

Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts.

Large Digital Libraries of Western Manuscripts (archived version).

Manuscrits numérisés.

Consulting Medieval Manuscripts Online.

Faksimile Finder.


Electronic Resources for Medieval Philosophy Studies: Manuscripts.

Database e cataloghi di manoscritti digitali (Scrineum).

Digital Librarian: Archives & Manuscripts

Digital Scriptorium.


MaBib: Faksimiles, Abreibungen, Fotos, etc.  Digitalisierte Handschriften

Some Catalogues of Illuminated Manuscripts:

Digital Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts.

British Library, Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts.

Initiale. Digital catalogue of illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages. Focuses on public libraries in France other than the Bibliothèque nationale.

Manuscrits Médiévaux Enluminés Français - Bases de Données en Ligne.

Base enluminures (Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon).

E. H. Zimmerman, Vorkarolingische Miniaturen, 5 vols. (Berlin, 1916-1918). F. 091.6 Z65V STX.

Wilhelm Koehler and Florentine Mütherich, Die karolingischen Miniaturen, 5 vols. (Berlin, 1933-82). F. 091.6 K81K ARR.

Mildred Budny, Insular, Anglo-Saxon, and Early Anglo-Norman Manuscript Art at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge: An Illustrated Catalogue, 2 vols. (Kalamazoo, 1997). Q. 745.670941 C817i EGX.

Anglo-Saxon Illumination in Oxford Libraries (Oxford, 1970). 096 OX2A STX.

A Survey of Manuscripts Illuminated in the British Isles. Q.096T24a EGX: ElzbietaTemple, Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts, 900-1066 (London, 1976); J. J. G. Alexander, Insular Manuscripts: 6th to the 9th Century (1978); Nigel J. Morgan, Early Gothic Manuscripts (1982); Lucy Freman Sandler, Gothic Manuscripts, 1285-1385 (1986); Kathleen L. Scott, Later Gothic Manuscripts, 1390-1490 (1996).

An Index of Images in English Manuscripts from the Time of Chaucer to Henry VIII, c. 1380-c. 1509, gen. ed. Kathleen L. Scott (Turnhout, 2000). [v. 1] The Bodleian Library, Oxford. [pt.] 1. MSS Additional-Digby, Ann Eljenholm Nichols. 745.670902 In22 STX.

Kathleen L. Scott, Dated & Datable English Manuscript Borders, c.1395-1499 (London, 2002). 745.670942 Sco84d STX.

A Survey of Manuscripts Illuminated in France: Walter Cahn, Romanesque Manuscripts: the Twelfth Century (London, 1996). Q.745.670944 ARR.

François Avril et al., Manuscrits enluminés d’origine italienne, 4 vols. (Paris, 1980- ). Q. 091 F8442M ARR.

François Avril and Claudia Rabel, Manuscrits enluminés d’origine germanique (Paris, 1995). Q. 745.670944 ARR.

Hella Frühmorgen-Voss and Norbert H. Ott, Katalog der deutschsprachigen illustrierten Handschriften des Mittelalters (Munich, 1987). Not in UIL.

François Avril and Patricia Danz, Manuscrits enluminés d’origine insulaire VIIe-Xe siècle (Paris, 1987). Q. 091 F8442MA ARR.

François Avril et al., Manuscrits enluminés de la Bibliothèque Nationale. Manuscrits de la Péninusle Ibérique (Paris, 1983). 016.0910946F844M STX.

Corpus des manuscrits enluminées des collections publiques des départements: Yolanta Zaluska, Manuscrits enluminés de Dijon (Paris, 1991), Q. 745.670944 Z14M ARX; Caroline Heid-Guillaume and Anne Ritz, Manuscrits médiévaux de Chambéry: textes et enluminures (Paris, 1998), 011.3 H362m STX.

Friedrich Simader, Illuminierte Handschriften aus Österreich (ca. 780-1250).

Koninklijke Bibliotheek and the Museum Meermanno-Westreenianum, Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts.

Liber Floridus: Les manuscripts médiévaux enluminés des bibliothèques de l’enseignement supérieur.

Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library, Index 6: Iconography.

Late Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts on the Web.

For catalogues of illuminated manuscripts in various countries and libraries, see Berlioz, Identifier sources et citations, pp. 270-73; Friedman and Wegmann, Medieval Iconography, pp. 19-30.

For other iconographic databases of medieval manuscripts see the separate bibliography on Iconography.

Some Thematic or Topical Manuscript Catalogues:

See the section "Auteurs et thèmes" in François Dolbeau and Pierre Petitmengin, Indices Librorum: Catalogues anciens et modernes de manuscrits médiévaux en écriture latine, 2 vols. Bibliothèque de l’École Normale Supérieure, Guides et inventaires bibliographiques 3 (Paris, 1987-1995). 011.31 D686i STX Ref.


Adam McLean, Database of Alchemical Manuscripts.

Astrological and Mythological:

Fritz Saxl and Hans Meier, Catalogue of Astrological and Mythological Illuminated Manuscripts of the Latin Middle Ages, 3 vols. (Heidelberg and London, 1915-53). A471.75 Sa9v CLX. Covers libraries in Rome; Vienna, Nationalbibliothek; and libraries in England.

Ernst Zimmer, Verzeichnis der astronomischen Handschriften des deutschen Kulturgebiets (Munich, 1925).

History of Astronomy: Archives and Libraries.

Biblical and Patristic:

Guida informatica al manoscritto patristico latino.

Friedrich Stegmüller, Repertorium biblicum medii aevi, 11 vols. (Madrid, 1950-80). 220.2St32r CLR.

Heinrich Schenkl, Bibliotheca Patrum Latinorum Brittanica, 3 vols. (Vienna, 1891). Reprinted from a series of articles in the Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften (Vienna), Phil.-Hist. Klasse vols. 121-4, 126-7, 131, 133, 136-7, 139, 143, 150 and 157. 506 WIP STX. Cumulative author- and subject-indices in the final volume.

Karl F. W. Zangemeister, Bericht über die im Auftrage der Kirchenväter commission unternommene Durchforschung der Biblitheken Englands (Vienna, 1877). 027.242 Z29B STX.

G. Loewe and W. von Hartel, Bibliotheca Patrum Latinorum Hispaniensis (Vienna, 1887). Reprinted from Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften (Vienna), Phil.-Hist. Klasse vols. 111-113 (1886). 506 WIP STX.

August Reifferscheid, Bibliotheca patrum latinorum Italica, 2 vols. (Vienna, 1865-71). 016.2811R27b CLR.

Karl Halm, Verzeichniss der älteren Handschriften lateinischer Kirchenväter in den Bibliotheken der Schweiz (Vienna, 1865). Reprinted from Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften (Vienna), Phil.-Hist. Klasse vol. 50 (1865), 107-60. 506 WIP STX; another copy bound with Reifferscheid in CLR.

Wilhelm Weinberger, Catalogus catalogorum. Verzeichnis der bibliotheken, die ältere handschriften lateinischer kirchenschriftsteller enthalten (Vienna, 1902).A.471.75W43C.

Robert E. Sinkewicz, Manuscript Listings for the Authors of the Patristic and Byzantine Periods, Greek Index Project Series 4 (Toronto, 1992).

Burton van Name Edwards, The Manuscript Transmission of Carolingian Biblical Commentaries

Manfred Oberleitner, et al., Die Handschriftliche Überlieferung der Werke des heiligen Augustinus (Vienna, 1969- ). Sitzungsberichte der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Philosophisch-Historische Klasse, 263, 267, etc. Bd. 1. Italien. 1. Werkverzeichnis. 2. Verzeichnis nach Bibliotheken -- Bd. 2. Grossbritannien und Irland. 1. Werkverzeichnis. 2. Verzeichnis nach Bibliotheken -- Bd. 3. Polen. Anhang: Die skandinavischen Staaten, Dänemark, Finnland, Schweden -- Bd. 4. Spanien und Portugal -- Bd. 5. Bundesrepublik Deutschland und Westberlin. 1. Werkverzeichnis. 2. Verzeichnis nach Bibliotheken -- Bd. 6. Österreich. 1. Werkverzeichnis. 2. Verzeichnis nach Bibliotheken -- Bd. 7. Tschechische Republik und Slowakische Republik. 1. Werkverzeichnis. 2. Verzeichnis nach Bibliotheken --Bd. 8. Belgien, Luxemburg und Niederlande. 1. Werkverzeichnis. 2. Verzeichnis nach Bibliotheken -- Bd. 9. Schweiz. 1. Werkverzeichnis. 2. Verzeichnis nach Bibliotheken. 506 WIP STX; 871 A59.Vh STX (vols. 6-8).

Bernard Lambert, Bibliotheca Hieronymiana Manuscripta: La tradition manuscrite des oeuvres de Saint Jérôme, 2 vols. in 4 parts, Instrumenta Patristica 4 (Steenbrugge, 1969). 281.1 IN7 CLX.

Johannes Machielsen, Clavis Patristica Pseudepigraphorum Medii Aevi, IIA: Theologica Exegetica (Turnhout, 1994). 281.1 C817 STX.

Bibliography of English Apocalypse Manuscripts

See also the separate bibliography on The Bible & its Interpretation.

Classical: see separate bibliography on The Classics in the Middle Ages.


G. L. Bursill-Hall, A Census of Medieval Latin Grammatical Manuscripts (Stuttgart, 1981). 011.31 B948c STX, CLX.

Paolo Degni and Alessandra Peri, "Per un catalogo dei codici grammaticali altomedioevali," in Manuscripts and Traditions of Grammatical Texts from Antiquity to the Renaissance, ed. M. De Nonno et al. (Cassino, 2000), I, 719-45.


An on-line searchable database of the Bollandists’catalogues of hagiographical manuscripts is available as Index analytique des Catalogues de manuscrits hagiographiques latins publiés par la Société des Bollandistes établi par Michel Trigalet et al. Use to establish the dossier of a saint by name, search for a hagiographical text by its BHL number, and to locate catalogue references for the hagiographical manuscript holdings of selected major libraries.

Analecta Bollandiana (1882- ).

Catalogus codicum hagiographicorum bibliothecae regiae Bruxellensis : Pars I. Codices Latini membranei, Subsidia hagiographica 1 (Brussels, 1886-1889).

Catalogus codicum hagiographicorum latinorum antiquiorum saeculo XVI qui asservantur in Bibliotheca nationali Parisiensi, 4 vols., Subsidia Hagiographica 2 (Brussels, 1889-1893).

Catalogus codicum hagiographicorum latinorum bibliothecarum romanarum praeter quam Vaticanae, Subsidia hagiographica (Brussels, 1909).

Catalogus codicum hagiographicorum latinorum Bibliothecae Vaticanae, Subsidia hagiographica 11 (Brussels, 1910).


Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. Catalogue Général, VII: Homéliaires (Paris, 1988). 016.47175F84c v.7 CLR. For some other major catalogues with extensive homiletic materials see Berlioz, Identifier sources, p. 206.

Réginald Grégoire, Homiliaires liturgiques médiévaux: analyse de manuscrits (Spoleto, 1980). 264.6 G861H STX.

Johannes Machielsen, Clavis Patristica Pseudepigraphorum Medii Aevi, IA-B: Homiletica (Turnhout, 1990). 281.1C817 CLR.

Raymond Étaix, Homéliaires patristiques latins. Receuil d’études de manuscrits médiévaux (Paris, 1994). Not in UIL

For further references see George Ferzoco and Carolyn Muessig, “Bibliography,” in Beverly Mayne Kienzle, ed., The Sermon, Typologie des sources du moyen âge occidental, 81-83 (Turnhout, 2000), pp. 19-142. 252Se675 CLR.


Medieval Manuscripts of Canon Law and Roman Law.

CIRSFID Irnerio. Digitized manuscripts from the Reale Collegio di Spagna in Bologna.

G. Dolezalek, Verzeichnis der Handschriften zum römischen Recht bis 1600, 4 vols. in 2 (Frankfurt, 1972).016.34937 D68V STX.

G. Dolezalek, Repertorium manuscriptorum veterum Codicis Iustiniani (Frankfurt, 1985). KJA1200 .D64 Law.

Lotte Kéßry, Canonical Collections of the Early Middle Ages (ca. 400-1140): A Bibliographical Guide to the Manuscripts and Literature (Washington, D.C., 1999). 016.2629 K479c HIX.

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Medieval Logical Manuscripts


Catalogues of Liturgical Manuscripts:

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Base de manuscrits internet. Database of liturgical manuscripts on the internet (Excel spreadsheet, 7/1/2011).

Inventare lateinischer Handschriften des liturgischen Choral.

Repertorio manoscritti liturgici ambrosiani.

See also Boyle, Medieval Latin Palaeography, index s.v. “Liturgy, books of.”

By Country/Library:

Dictionnaire d’archéologie chrétienne et de liturgie. Includes entries (by name of city), with descriptions (of varying length and quality) of the liturgical manuscripts in the major libraries.

For detailed listings by region, esp. for France, Germany, and Italy, see Sacksteder.


Liturgische Texte.

Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Database of the liturgical manuscripts without notation (Cod. 1-15500 and Series nova).

Katalog des liturgischen Buch- und Musikalienbestandes am Dom zu Salzburg. Teil 1. Die gedruckten und handschriftlichen liturgischen Bücher, ed. Franz Wasner, Stefan Engels, and Ernst Hintermaier. Teil 2. Die Musikhandschriften und Musikdrucke in Chorbuch-Notierung, ed. Ernst Hintermaier (Salzburg, 1922). ML 136.S249 D65 Music Ref.


Knud Ottosen, Database on Danish Liturgical Fragments from the Middle Ages


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Liturgical Manuscripts in German Libraries.

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Great Britain and Ireland:

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Liturgical Manuscripts in British Libraries.

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Italy and Vatican City:

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Monumenta Liturgica Beneventana.


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By Type of Liturgical Book:

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Inventare lateinischer Handschriften des liturgischen Choral.

CANTUS: A Database for Gregorian Chant.

The Gregorian Chant Homepage.

La Trobe University Library Medieval Music Database: Manuscripts of Fourteenth-Century Music.

See also the inventories of liturgical manuscripts in the Bibliothèque Nationale and French public libraries by V. Leroquais.


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Great Britain, United States of America (1992); V Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal and Spain (1997); VI Addenda/Corrigenda (2003).

Lexicon musicum Latinum: Les sources manuscrites de la théorie de la musique.

Neumed Chant Manuscript Holdings in Oxford University: Working Notes.

Manuscrits notés en neumes français du département des manuscrits de la Bibliothèque nationale de France (ixe-xiie siècles).

Catalogue des manuscrits notés du Moyen Age conservés dans les bibliothèques publiques de France.


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International Computer Catalogue of Medieval Scientific Manuscripts. Requires permission from the Lehrstuhl für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften der Universität München.

History of Science: Archives and Libraries.

Some Catalogues of Major Authors and Texts:

See the section "Auteurs et thèmes" in François Dolbeau and Pierre Petitmengin, Indices Librorum: Catalogues anciens et modernes de manuscrits médiévaux en écriture latine, 2 vols. Bibliothèque de l’École Normale Supérieure, Guides et inventaires bibliographiques 3 (Paris, 1987-1995). 011.31 D686i STX Ref.

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Zbigniew Izydorczyk, Manuscripts of the ‘Evangelium Nicodemi’: A Census (Toronto, 1993). 229.8IZ9m STX.

Some Internet resources:

Antike und mittelalterliche Handschriften in der Schweiz.

Bibliotheca Neerlandica Manuscripta.

Electronic Access to Medieval Manuscripts.

Internetquellen zu Handschriften.

Handschriftenkatalogisierung und Internet (Alois Haidinger)

Handschriftenbibliotheken in Österreich.

Historische Hilfswissenschaften: HandschriftenbibliothekenHill Museum & Microfilm Library.

Master: Manuscript Access through Standards for Electronic Records. Currently contains records of manuscripts in the Arnamagnaean Institut, Copenhagen; the Royal Library, The Hague; the National Library, Prague; and the Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Texts (mainly from the Bibliothèque Municipale, Troyes).  Manuscripts, Incunabla, and Early Prints

Uncatalogued Manuscript Control Center (De Ricci Project).

Digitized Manuscripts:

BVMM: Bibliothèque virtuelle des manuscrits médiévaux (IRHT).

Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts.

Large Digital Libraries of Western Manuscripts (archived version).

Manuscrits numérisés.

Consulting Medieval Manuscripts Online.


Electronic Resources for Medieval Philosophy Studies: Manuscripts.

Database e cataloghi di manoscritti digitali (Scrineum).

Digital Librarian: Archives & Manuscripts

Digital Scriptorium.


MaBib: Faksimiles, Abreibungen, Fotos, etc.  Digitalisierte Handschriften

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