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Amy Hye Oh

Graduate Student

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Late antique literature and history, 4th/5thcentury in particularLate medieval/Neo-Latin poetrythe history of the Latin languageLatin prosody

Papers Given:

“One Text, Many Authors? An Experiment on Stylein the Council of Elvira,” presented at the International Congress on MedievalStudies in Kalamazoo, 2008“Stabulaand stabularia: Redemption forChristians in the Hospitality Trade,” presented at the International MedievalCongress in Leeds, 2010"Communication Breakdown: The Characterizationof Cassandra in Aeschylus and Euripides," presented at CAMWS, 2011“Vigilantius, Jerome, and Biblical Exegesis,”  presented at the International Congress onMedieval Studies in Kalamazoo, 2012“Recovering Vigilantius from the Writings ofJerome,” presented at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds, 2012

Current Projects:

Dissertation: Invective and Theological Debate: Finding the Voice of Vigilantius inthe Words of JeromeTranslation of letters of Jerome as acontribution to the Epistolae onlinerepository to be found here:

Courses Taught:

CLCV 115: Greek and Roman Mythology (as TA andas Summer lecturer)Latin 101Latin 102Latin 103Latin 104Latin 301

Administrative Service:

Latin Program Coordinator 2010-11

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