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Elizabeth A Oyler

Associate Professor of Medieval Studies,Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies, and East Asian Languages and Cultures

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  • BA, Japanese, University of Pittsburgh
  • MA, Japanese, University of Wisconsin
  • PhD, Japanese, Stanford University



  • Swords, Oaths, and Prophetic Visions: Authoring Warrior Rule in Medieval Japan. . Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2006.

Journal Articles

  • "“Tonsuring the Performer: Image, Text, and Narrative in the Ballad-Drama Shizuka (Library of Congress nara ehon).” ." Japanese Journal of Religious Studies Fall.2009 (2009):
  • " “The Nue and Other Monsters in Heike monogatari.” ." Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 68.2 (2008): 1-32.
  • "“Japanese Cultural Treasures at the Library of Congress: Digitization of the Rare Books Collection.” ." Journal of East Asian Libraries (2007): 11-21.
  • "“Daimokutate: Placatory Ritual and the Genpei War.” ." Oral Tradition 21.1 (2006): 90-118.

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