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Dov Weiss

Assistant Professor of Medieval Studies,Religion, and Title VI Centers Faculty Survey

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Dov Weiss is an Assistant Professor ofJewish Studies in the Department of Religion at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He completed his PhD at the University of Chicago Divinity School as a Martin Meyer Fellow in 2011 and was the Alan M. Stock Fellow at Harvard University’s Center for Jewish Studies in 2012. Specializing in the history of Jewish biblical interpretation and rabbinic theology, Dov’s most recent articles include "Sins of the Parents in Rabbinic and Early Christian Literature" [Journal of Religion 97:1], “Divine Concessions in the Tanhuma Midrashim” [Harvard Theological Review (108:1)] and “The Sin of Protesting God in Rabbinic and Patristic Literature” [AJS Review  39:2]. His first book, Pious Irreverence: Confronting God in Rabbinic Judaism,  was recently published by the University of Pennsylvania Press

Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • Ancient Judaism, Rabbinic Thought and Literature, Medieval Judaism, History of Jewish Theology, Jewish Biblical Interpretation, Modern Jewish Thought


  • Ph.D. (with distinction) in History of Judaism, University of Chicago Divinity School, 2011
  • M.A. (Modern Jewish History) Yeshiva University, 1999
  • B.A. (Political Science) Yeshiva University, 1995



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Book Contributions

  • "Lawsuits with God in Rabbinic Literature." The Divine Courtroom in Comparative Perspective. . Comp. S. Holtz. Ed. A. Mermelstein. Leiden: Brill, 2014. 276-288.

  • "The Last Will and Testament of Hatam Sofer (1839) [Annotated Translation] ." Jew in the Modern World. . New York: Oxford University Press, 2011. 196-199.

  • "The Manifesto of Ultra-Orthodoxy (1863) [Annotated Translation] ." Jew in the Modern World. . Ed. Paul Mendes-Flohr and Judah Reinartz. New York: Oxford University Press, 2011. 224-229.

Journal Articles

  • "The Sins of the Parents in Rabbinic and Patristic Literature ." Journal of Religion 97.1 (2017): 1-25.
  • "The Rabbinic God and Medieval Judaism." Currents in Biblical Research 15.3 (2017): 369-390.
  • "Divine Concessions in the Tanhuma Midrashim." Harvard Theological Review 108.1 (2015): 70-97.
  • "Sin of Protesting God In Rabbinic and Patristic Literature." AJS Review 39.2 (2015): 367-392.
  • "Salvation through Children in Rabbinic Thought." Milin Havivin 3 (2007): 1-15.

Encyclopedia Entries

  • "Korah in Rabbinic Judaism." Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception [EBR] vol. 14. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2016.
  • "Albo, Joseph." Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (EBR) vol. 1. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2009.
  • "Apostasy in Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism." Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (EBR) vol. 2. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2009.


  • Rev. of In God's Image: Myth, Theology and Law in Classic Judaism, by Yair Lorberbaum. Journal of Religion 97.3 (2017): 428-430.
  • Rev. of A Legacy of Learning: Essays in Honor of Jacob Neusner , ed. William Scott Green, Gary Porton, Aln Avery-Peck, and Bruce Chilton. Review of Rabbinic Judaism 19.1 (2016):
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