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Past "Spring Seminars" (MDVL 500):

The Medieval Lyric: Form/Function/Content (Martin Camargo, English)

Ugly Beasts, Talking Monkeys: Animals in the Middle Ages (Eleonora Stoppino, Spanish, Italian, & Portuguese)

Exploring the Medieval World (Carol Symes, History)

The Medieval University (C. Stephen Jaeger, Germanic Languages & Literatures)

Medieval Mysticism (Marianne Kalinke, Germanic Languagues & Literatures)

Paris and Constantinople in the Year 1200 (Karen Fresco , French, and Anne D. Hedeman, Art History)

The Medieval Cathedral (Thomas Ward, Music)

Interpreting Genesis (Richard Layton, Religion)

Imagining the Past in France, 1250-1500 (Anne D. Hedeman, Art History)


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